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Welcome To Scotland! – Faìlte gu Alba!

A very warm welcome awaits you with your professional guide in Scotland. With Scotland’s many faces it doesn’t matter whether you are interested in the arts, its history, nature or architecture – or indeed food and drink!

Find out about the people in Scotland, their literature, where they get their electricity from, what sports make them tick – and a whole lot more.

Let me introduce you to the hotspots and hidden places as you get closer to Scotland’s story with fun and wisdom, from Balmoral to Harry Potter.

Walking Tours In Edinburgh

The only way to really get to know Edinburgh and its people is a guided walk tour in a small group. Get in touch if you are interested in a private tour or check out the set tour suggestions.

Walks Near Edinburgh

You need not travel far to feel totally removed from the big city – Dunfermline and South Queensferry are only a bus ride away from the centre of town. Combine a walk tour in a small group with time to
yourself and make it a day trip. Both offer attractions to all ages.

Day Trips From Edinburgh

Fancy a great day trip? I have selected five suggestions for you to contemplate. They each contain more than can be done in a day – so you select your favourites or add a distillery if you wish. Whatever you choose we will enjoy a great day!

Private Tours in Scotland

Planning for a tour of Scotland? This is my favourite page. It shows you a snapshot of places I have guided in the past. Including a few things to do in Scotland. Be inspired !

” About Me

Little did I know that I would be here for good when I first arrived with my family all the way from Germany! 

A German native, I spoke fluent English on arrival, but was ill prepared for native Scots language. Bringing up two sons in Scotland and working at a College for nearly 20 years, taught me many expressions- or do you know what they mean by “dreich, “stooshie” or the “weans / bairns”??? 😀 

But we also visited beaches, Castles and Country Parks. And I learned about Burns supper and the Highland Fling, Scottish culture did not bypass me.

But most of all – I enjoy it all too. So, I decided to share my enthusiasm for the endlessly beautiful countryside with rivers, hills and empty beaches, the wonderful stories – real and not so real – with our visitors. You will find real life people in Scotland are very warm and welcoming. 

And I do love Scottish food. So much so that I decided to extend to Culinary travel. The food culture has changed tremendously over the past 20 years and we have several Michelin star restaurants as well as weekly markets where farmers peddle their produce and cook up some delicious food too.

Welcome To Scotland – English Version

Willkommen in Schottland – Deutsche Version

What My Previous Guests Say

What a great day guided by Ruth. She is warm and friendly, but most importantly, brilliantly knowledgeable. Having been to Edinburgh many times before, I thought I’d seen most of the sights but Ruth proved me completely wrong“.  – Stephen Flint, private walk tour of Edinburgh.


“Liebe Ruth, Danke für die historisch begründeten und trotzdem sehr unterhaltsamen Führungen, die zudem Land und Leute hervorragend beleuchteten. – Marie-Helen Struckmeier, private tour Fife and Edinburgh


“Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative ‘Tall Tales’ tour of Edinburgh monuments. You brought the monuments to life with humour, combining a broad overview to give perspective together with interesting details. I learnt a lot.” – John Amoore, Author of ‘A Journey with Edinburgh Monuments’ and ‘Guide to Edinburgh Monuments’

Mission Statement

You are always at the heart of my tours. I will go the extra mile to ensure we enjoy a wonderful time together in Scotland! – whilst respecting the people and the environment of this country.

I whole-heartedly support the work of Keep Scotland Beautiful 

Involving young people and the local communities are vital to look after Scotland’s environment and improve it – for you to enjoy when you come back.”

I thrive in sharing my enthusiasm for Scotland and its landscape and want to continue doing so. Having two grandchildren places a responsibility on me to look after the environment for future generations.

My small steps include using a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, travelling mostly on public transport, recycling as much as possible and taking part in litter picks. I offer walk tours that are accessible with public transport as far as possible. According to WWF, my carbon footprint is below average 🙂

A small percentage  of my takings goes to this charity. You support Keep Scotland Beautiful  with every tour you book.

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