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Cramond Island

Discover Nooks and Crannies – oder auch Ecken und Winkel – in Edinburgh

There is the Old Town, the New Town or away from the bustle of the City Centre.

Which one is for you?

I can take you on 2 – 4 hour walking tours in and around Edinburgh – or we can spend a whole day together. Get in touch – choose your favourite or a tailored tour. *** My promise to you : you will find places you did not expect ***

Is it the City Centre?

Georgian house front from late 17th century. Styled like one palace, they are individual grand houseswith the centre house showing more architectural features. All blonde sandstone and three storeys high plus basement.
Charlotte Square
Edinburgh New Town

Yes – why not the New Town? The Georgian styled New Town of Edinburgh has its own interesting hidden secrets that most people overlook. And if walls could talk…

View up the street with high built homes at the end and to the right. The house at the end is burnt orange coloured and of irregular shape to the right outside steps painted red with cast iron banister. Steps leading to flats in the first and second floor. decorated with flower pots. Red door to groundfloor flat.
Ramsay Gardens
Edinburgh Old Town

Everybody’s favourite – we will not go to the Castle as they do have fantastic audio guides and only allow their own guides to tell you ALL. There is so much more to discover – the ups and downs, in between and behind houses….

Miss Jean Brodie Steps
Edinburgh Old and New

This can be done in a shorter walk, more of an introduction to both or can be stretched up to a full day – you decide… discover the fascination of Medieval and Georgian (C18) layout side by side, connected through green spaces or the train station.

House walls in sandstone. Upper part of the buildings with decorative mini balconies, cast iron. Windows with inset frames. Black painted drain pipes. One house has flower pots out under neath the windows.
Mews in the New Town

Guide standing on rock in Water of Leith. with trees hugging the bank on both sides, left and right in the background.
The Water of Leith running through Edinburgh

the regular street sign reading Castlehill black on white . Below is the street sign reading The Royal Mile in Gold coloured letters on black. On House wall in sandstone
The Royal Mile

Or are you looking for a place away from it all?

Cramond. Outside under blue sky. Looking up a narrow set of stone steps with a landing halfway to the right white painted house front with a wooden bench belowthis. cast iron banisters to the left and the right of the steps all decorated with green plants, and shrubs
Cramond steps leading to 17th century Cramond Inn
river Almond estuary at low tide taken from promenade looking over to wooded banks with ferry man's house to the left in the background. White sailing boats sitting in the water
River Almond at Cramond where it flows into the Firth of Forth

Take a no 41 bus to Cramond or your car and park it at the public car park behind the Cramond Inn. Delve into peace and quiet, history and nature. Cramond has it all plus a harbour for sailing and motor boats. If you time it right you can take an adventurous 20 minute walk to the tidal Cramond Island. There is more to Cramond than meets the eye. Have yourself surprised by this little hidden gem.

Stockbridge / Dean Village
Looking down Dean village. Narrow river flowing from the foreground to the back. Converted mill buildings left and right of the river. River bends to the right in the background. View on to White three storey home with wooden beams. Above it in the background looms the castle.
Water of Leith in Dean Village
House front in irregular stone work with stone steps to mini landing outside red font door half way up. Steps along a mint coloured wall with cast iron banister on top. Looks like flat roof of garage built onto house. to the left behind the house house wall with 10 or more chimney pots in a row. Looking picturesque with lots of flower pots along steps, landing and cast iron banister

Only 5 minutes’ walk from the Westend, it is easy to forget here that you are almost in the centre of Edinburgh. Experience Nature, industrial heritage and some surprises as we walk along the water of Leith to Stockbridge.

Wherever you decide to go – always remember that the weather is very changeable in Edinburgh. Always be prepared for all weathers ! Of course, we may be able to nip into a museum for a quick escape too 😄. Remember, you may need sunscreen and rain / wind proof clothing on the same day. It will make our walk so much more enjoyable. And another thing – the streets of Edinburgh are not heel friendly. 😊

Let’s discover Edinburgh together.

Victoria Bow in the Old Town

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